The Rising Standard: Your Guide to Ongoing Financial Success

Spring 2019

  • Q&A with Tim Zimmerman: Tim Zimmerman discusses what he has learned about community banks across the nation and where he thinks they will be in 20 years.
  • Turning Satisfied Customers into Strong Advocates: Customer relationships are the key to a successful partnership and can drive the growth of your business.
  • Five Reasons to Borrow from a Community Bank: Get the facts and see why loan growth at community banks exceeds growth at non-community banks.
  • Security: Read about the top three things your business can implement quickly and easily to improve information security.
  • Visual: Simple tables to help you and your customers understand tax diversification of retirement assets.
Spring 2019 (PDF)

Why we share what we know...

As a true community bank, Standard has been an integral part of the communities we serve for more than 100 years. The secret to that longevity is adhering to the relationship principles we were founded on:

  • Listen to your customer, find out what they need and what is important to them
  • Work with them and recommend a solution that fits their needs
  • Always maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency, and honesty

Standard Bank proudly offers key financial products, services, and technology features to help our business customers flourish; however, we are even prouder of the way we deliver those products and services. All of our associates serve as advocates and work hard to counsel for the betterment of our customers and communities.

I invite you to join us as we offer some words of wisdom from our local experts. Every day, we’re dedicated to supporting the local economy in all that we offer and in all that we do.

We grow by building relationships.
We grow by supporting you.