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The Rising Standard: Your Guide to Ongoing Financial Success

Spring 2022

  • Message from the President: Bank president, Andy Hasley, discusses the changes we face in 2022 and the difference our front row seat can make to the stories the history books tell.
  • Remote Workforce & Banking: Digital banking and financial security became immediate necessities during the pandemic. See the tools and services you should have in place to make your remote workers successful and safe.
  • Is Your Business on the Digital Shelf?: Consumers have found new and more efficient ways to shop for goods and services. Learn a few ways to attract consumers to your business by getting on the “digital shelf.”
  • Flexible Loan Options in 2022: Homeowners have access to more equity than ever before with increased home values. This article points to some creative ways to use that equity as well as benefits of a home equity loan or line of credit.
  • Do Your Investments Break the Mold to Maximize Your Potential?: Learn the benefits of working with a company that considers thousands of options—regardless of affiliation.
Spring 2022 (PDF)
The Rising Standard: Spring 2022

Fall/Winter 2021

  • Message from the President: Bank President, Andy Hasley, discusses experiences, quotes, and examples of adaptability and flexibility in business today.
  • Five Ways Our Customer Service Adapted to serve You Better: 2021 arrived with changes to the customer experience in nearly every industry—banking included! See how our Customer Care team used creativity and education to meet customer needs this year.
  • How to Start a Manageable and Effective Audit Program for Your Small Business: Did you know that small business owners already have an “internal audit” mindset? Follow your intuition to begin an audit program tailored to help your business succeed and grow.
  • Retirement Plan Options for Small Business: Small businesses have three main options when it comes to providing their employees with retirement plans. Do you know your options?
  • Words from Our Associates: We asked Standard Bank associates: “How did changes amid the pandemic challenge you to think differently for the betterment of the bank and our customers?” See their answers!
Fall/Winter 2021 (PDF)
The Rising Standard: Fall/Winter 2021

Spring/Summer 2021

  • Message from the CEO: President & CEO of Standard Bank shares his thoughts on the timelessness and dependability of true friendships.
  • Critical Ways to Weave a Financial Safety Net for Your Business : Last year, a lot of businesses were caught off guard. See our four steps to ensure your business has a financial safety net that can withstand changes in your business market.
  • HEARTH: Finding New Normals for New Normals: Non-profits struggled just as much as local businesses in 2020 AND had more people relying on the services they offered. Find out what this local non-profit experienced and how they adapted for the sake of those they care for.
  • Rent VS. Own: Which is the Better Home Option?: Millennials are on the fence if they should rent or own their home. How do you choose?
  • Local Partnerships Show “Signs of Excellence” When it Comes to Innovation and Growth: In 2020, Standard Bank’s decision to use a local partner impacted a large community of local companies, employees, and customers. Quick innovation by Signs of Excellence chartered a new road for their success and stable business for many.
Spring/Summer 2021 (PDF)
Spring/Summer 2021 Cover

Winter 2021

  • The Power of Positive Thinking:  President & CEO of Standard Bank shares his thoughts on the power of positive thinking in 2021.
  • Account Fraud: How to Protect Your Business: As a small business owner, it’s your job to ensure your money is safe from internal or external fraud risk. We have some tips to help your accounts remain secure.
  • Preparing Your Business for Emerging Risks: Identifying and addressing risks for your business can be overwhelming. That’s why we have steps to start you in the right direction because if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to be prepared.
  • Life Insurance and Protecting Your Family: Is your family protected in the event something should happen to you? Understand the role of life insurance and how it can take care of your family.
  • Hometown Banker Featured by Pepsi® and the NFL: Manager of our North Hills Office, Pat Dougherty, and his father had the pleasure of sharing their touching story of family, tradition, and Pittsburgh.
Winter 2021 (PDF)
Winter 2021 Cover

Summer 2020

  • Message from the CEO: Newly appointed President & CEO of Standard Bank shares his thoughts on teamwork and its importance in 2020.
  • Seven Ways to Engage and Empower Employees Over Multiple Locations (and Home Offices!): From remote workers to multiple business locations, engaging and empowering employees over the miles can be difficult. We share seven ways that have helped us over the years.
  • Commercial Real Estate: Which Type of Investor are You?: There are several options and commitments when it comes to commercial real estate. Which type of investor are you?
  • Is the Time Right to Buy a Second Home?: Our residential loan manager explains options and rates when it comes to purchasing a second home.
  • Small Customer Service Tips that Make a BIG Difference: The devil is in the details. That’s why good customer service requires dedication in even the smallest of matters. Advice straight from our offices, see what small gestures make the most impact.
Summer 2020 (PDF)
Standard Bank Summer 2020 Cover

Spring 2020

  • Adapting and Moving Forward: Andy Hasley discusses how Standard Bank handled pandemic changes and adaptions, while keeping an eye on the future of recovery.
  • Remote Workers: Is Your Business Ready? COVID-19 brought new ways of doing business and collaborating. See our six steps to plan and deploy your own remote workforce.
  • 10 GOOD Reasons Local Schools, Governments, and Non-Profits Should Pledge to Bank with a Community Bank: Local organizations don’t have to look far for a bank that is on their side—with the best option usually right in their backyard!
  • SEO for the CEO: Consumers are “Googling” solutions that you offer. Is your business listed as an answer? See some tips and tricks you can oversee to make sure your business is digitally accessible.
  • Thank You to Our Team: Our associates worked around the clock to adapt to COVID-19 changes and process business-saving loans for local organizations. Their service and dedication deserves our sincere thanks.
Spring 2020 (PDF)
Standard Bank Spring 2020 Cover

Fall 2019

  • Becoming a Rock for Your Customers: Customer trust is key to building a successful business. See our advice on how you can earn and keep it.
  • Social Engineering: Are Your Employees Prepared? There are many facets to social engineering and all employees are vulnerable. Learn what your employees need to know to keep your business (and customers) safe.
  • The Benefits of an Advisory Bank: Whether you are a startup entrepreneur or a well-established, mature company, partnering with the right bank can help propel your business forward.
  • Connecting with Communities: The Standard Charitable Foundation recently awarded many grants to local non-profits who needed a hand, and we have the smiles to show for them!
Fall 2019 (PDF)
Standard Bank Fall 2019 Cover

Summer 2019

  • Jeff Martin: Looking Forward, Looking Back: Long-time commercial lender and banker discusses his approaching retirement and the wisdom he has gained along the way.
  • Customer Service vs. Technology: Which to Choose? Technology expands daily; however, nothing is as solid as an in-person relationship. Which should your business choose to focus on?
  • Maximizing Efficiency and Security for Your Business: Q&A with Andy Hasley about the benefits of Treasury Management for all types of businesses.
  • Make the Most of Your Digital Banking Experience: New technology and automation can make your banking easier and quicker. See our top picks.
  • Connecting with Communities: We are deeply ingrained within our communities. See just a few places we’ve been this past quarter. You may just recognize someone you know!
Summer 2019 (PDF)
Standard Bank Summer 2019 Cover

Spring 2019

  • Q&A with Tim Zimmerman: Tim Zimmerman discusses what he has learned about community banks across the nation and where he thinks they will be in 20 years.
  • Turning Satisfied Customers into Strong Advocates: Customer relationships are the key to a successful partnership and can drive the growth of your business.
  • Five Reasons to Borrow from a Community Bank: Get the facts and see why loan growth at community banks exceeds growth at non-community banks.
  • Security: Read about the top three things your business can implement quickly and easily to improve information security.
  • Visual: Simple tables to help you and your customers understand tax diversification of retirement assets.


Spring 2019 (PDF)
Standard Bank Spring 2019  Cover

Why we share what we know...

As a true community bank, Standard has been an integral part of the communities we serve for more than 100 years. The secret to that longevity is adhering to the relationship principles we were founded on:

  • Listen to your customer, find out what they need and what is important to them
  • Work with them and recommend a solution that fits their needs
  • Always maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency, and honesty

Standard Bank proudly offers key financial products, services, and technology features to help our business customers flourish; however, we are even prouder of the way we deliver those products and services. All of our associates serve as advocates and work hard to counsel for the betterment of our customers and communities.

I invite you to join us as we offer some words of wisdom from our local experts. Every day, we’re dedicated to supporting the local economy in all that we offer and in all that we do.

We grow by building relationships.
We grow by supporting you.