Streamlining Payables

ACH Origination

Pay your employees and vendors electronically.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Credit origination is the process of electronically transmitting funds to pay for expenses. Paying business expenses through ACH credit origination has many advantages over making payments with paper checks.*

  • Make payroll and other payments faster and save on postage and paper costs
  • Securely send your information via Standard Bank’s software templates, provide your own files or use a third-party vendor
  • Your instructions will be carried out via the ACH system and the appropriate accounts will be credited
  • Your information is secure. Dual control and security authentication  devices are highly recommended as additional internal controls


Online Business Banking

Your portal to 24/7 banking and financial tools.

Standard Bank’s business online banking gives you the ability to bank anytime day or night without leaving your place of business. With instant access to your bank account information, you will experience increased productivity, greater control over cash flow and forecasting, plus secure transaction processing.

  • Secure sign on
  • Multiple user setup and controls
  • Deposit and loan account information in one place
  • Bill Pay
  • Express transfers between your Standard Bank accounts
  • Data export options (QuickBooks™, Quicken™, and multiple file types available)
  • Set up custom account alerts
  • Make state and federal tax payments
  • ACH origination and ability to initiate online web wire transfers


Online Wire Origination

Send and receive wires electronically through online banking.

Send or receive funds safely and quickly with Standard Bank’s Web Wire transfers. We offer both domestic and international wire transfers. For added convenience, you may wish to initiate wires online from your office via our secure electronic platform.


Business Debit Cards

Business debit cards that keep your business running on the go.

Standard Bank’s Visa Business Debit Card will save you time and money and will help you manage your finances. It’s linked to your Standard Bank checking account, so when purchases are made, the amount is automatically deducted. Best of all, there are no finance charges. Order cards for yourself and your employees, and use them at the millions of locations where Visa is accepted. Other great benefits include:

  • Providing the option to withdraw cash surcharge-free at over 9,000+ ATM locations
  • Quickly make purchases in person, by phone, or online
  • Use the card for everyday business expenses, to eliminate the need for a petty cash account
  • Receive an itemized list of all transactions on your monthly statement so you can monitor employee spending


Corporate Credit Cards

Customizable business credit cards with rewards.

Keep your business spending separate from your personal with our business credit cards. Standard Bank offers even more reward options with the benefit of personal service and customized security tools. Read about different credit card options and apply online today!



If you feel Treasury Management would help improve your efficiency, we invite you to call our Treasury Management team at (412) 632-1347.  We would be happy to talk one-on-one with you about what products and services may best fit your business.


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