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Standard Financial Corp. is the holding company of Standard Bank PaSB and is incorporated in the State of Maryland.


Standard Financial Corp. 2640 Monroeville Boulevard Monroeville, PA 15146 (412) 856-0363 Stock Quote: STND OTCQX_Signage_StandardFinancial



Common Stock

Symbol – STND traded on OTCQB Marketplace Capital Market CUSIP – 853 393 106 Transfer Agent and Registrar Computershare is the transfer agent and registrar for Standard Financial Corp. and maintains shareholder records for the company. Please contact Computershare at: Computershare Shareholder Services PO Box 30170 College Station, TX  77842-3170 1-800-368-5948 Your account may be managed online via, a cost-free web tool for shareholders, where you will be able to view your account details, update your account information and process various transactions.


Corporate Governence

Audit Committee Pre-Approval Policy | PDF View Whistleblower Procedures | PDF View Corporate Governance Principles | PDF View Policy and Procedures for Approval of Related Person Transactions | PDF View Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Criteria for Director Nominees | PDF View Code of Ethics for Senior Officers | PDF View Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Policy and Procedures for the Recommendation of Nominees for Directors by Stockholders and for Stockholder Communications with Directors | PDF View

SFC Directors, Officers and Members

Terence L. Graft Chairman of the Board
Dale A. Walker Vice Chairman
Timothy K. Zimmerman President & CEO & Director
Horace G. Cofer Director
William T. Ferri Director
David C. Mathews Director
Thomas J. Rennie Director
Susan A. Parente Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Paul A. Knapp Senior Vice President & CCLO
Kim J. Davis Corporate Secretary
Neva D. Ritz Compliance Officer

SFC Committee Members

Audit Committee (See charter) Dale A. Walker, Chairman Thomas J. Rennie, Vice Chairman H.G. Cofer William T. Ferri
Compensation Committee (See charter) Terence L. Graft, Chairman William T. Ferri Dale A. Walker
Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee (See charter) H.G. Cofer, Chairman Terence L. Graft Thomas J. Rennie

Financial Information

Shareholder Approval of Merger Press Release

Annual Report – September 30, 2016

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December 2015 Reporting Package

Annual Report – September 30, 2015

Annual Report – September 30, 2014

September 2015 Reporting Package

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December 2013 Reporting Package


Form 4 Filings

Ferri November 2011
Graft November 2011
Walker November 2011
Cofer December 2011
Graft May 2012
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Graft November 2012
Graft November 2012
Graft November 2012
Graft May 2013
Graft June 2013
Graft June 2013
Zimmerman July 2013
Knapp July 2013
Parente July 2013
Graft September 2013
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Graft November 2013
Graft December 2013

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