Q&A with Standard Bank manager featured in national video

Our community bankers live and breath their hometowns.

It’s more than where they live: It’s tradition. Family. Life. Pat Dougherty, manager of our North Hills Office, and his father were recently featured by Pepsi® to show what hometown dedication really means to those who live it. The video can easily be found on Pepsi’s YouTube channel or social media pages. Warning: Grab a tissue!

Q: How did you come to be featured by Pepsi®?
A: My friend came across a press release/casting call from Pepsi looking for families that have had Steeler season tickets for a number of years. The tickets have been in our family since 1973 so my friend thought we may be a good candidate. I submitted the simple application, and received an email the next day asking for a video interview. Just over a week after that, I received a call asking if we were available to shoot the video.

Q: What did this video mean for you and your dad?
A: I was happier for my dad to be a part of this than I was for myself. You could see how much he was enjoying the filming process and showing off his 40-year old Steeler memorabilia. Although most scenes were edited out, some of the stories he was telling about “back in the day” brought a glow in his eye that I haven’t seen in a long time. He’s the one that taught me about football and expressed how important the Steelers were to us. I’ve always said about our family, “We don’t have much, but we have each other, and we have the Steelers.” The video was a way we could show, like for many people, it’s not just three hours on a Sunday in the fall, it’s not just a game. It’s sharing experiences, moments, and ups and downs with people you love—bringing you closer together.

Q: Who won the football toss game?
A: I was grateful they chose to show me successfully hitting the trash can target with the football. My dad was not pleased they edited out his made shots. The final score was 3-2. I won!

Q: What was it like filming with a national company and the Steelers?
A: I loved it and was all about it. Having film, radio, and broadcasting experience from high school and college, it was fun observing a professional production be put together. The director and producers flew in from Los Angeles, but the rest of the crew were local (and Steeler fans themselves). There were probably three dozen people on the crew, and you’d be amazed how efficient that many people working together can be. Yes, there was a lot of “hurry up and wait,” but even during down time, there were a million things going on. Everything had to be just right. Filming took about nine hours. Exhaustion doesn’t begin to describe how I felt afterwards.

Q: What response have you received from the video?
A: The response has been overwhelmingly positive. The finished product was better than I ever imagined; I smiled for about a week straight. My dad and I were very honored and appreciative to see the enjoyment everyone got from the video. I’m normally a pretty private person, so even when my mom passed last year, not everyone knew. Not everyone knew my dad was sick, either. Then, all of a sudden, our story is being shared around the world and now everyone knows. That was a bit strange for me. I heard from many people that I haven’t talked to in years, which was nice. Though the coolest moment was when a friend saw the video shared by someone (that I didn’t know) and could say, “Hey, I know him!”

Q: Do you still have the seats?
A: Yes, we did get to keep the seats. They are in my dad’s living room and every game we’re not at the stadium, I’m sitting in those seats.

Q: What was it like meeting Ryan Shazier?
A: Ryan Shazier was unbelievably kind and genuine. What many don’t know is that we were unaware he, or even the seats, were going to be involved. That was all a surprise. We were under the impression we were only going to participate in interviews, talking about our history with the tickets. His knock at the door, and my dad answering, was unscripted and an authentic reaction. After filming, he stayed around for 30 minutes, sitting with my dad and I chatting about our lives.