Pumpkin Spice Banking

Not so long ago, when you went to a coffee shop and ordered a coffee, you got a coffee. Plain. Black. Coffee. You wanted cream or sugar? You did it yourself, off to the side, and let the next person order the same thing: Plain. Black. Coffee.

Used to be, your banking experience was very much the same. You went into the only bank in town, stood in line for six hours (okay maybe not six but definitely long enough to learn the life stories of the people in line with you), and opened your plain, ordinary checking account and savings account. Then you moved off to the side and figured out how you were going to make deposits and withdrawals using paper checks and deposit slips.

Today, there is a dizzying array of options at the local coffee shop. In fact, it’s practically a rite of passage to find the combinations you love best. Skinny vanilla latte, extra hot, with an extra shot of espresso? Done. Decaf iced cappuccino mocha with 2% milk and extra whip? Easy. And don’t even get us started on the seasonal specialties (pumpkin spice anyone?). Some coffee lovers need two full sentences to describe exactly how they want their beverage.

Of course, you can still order plain black coffee, but now in a special atmosphere and knowing that all those other options exist if you’re ever in the mood. When you walk in to your local coffee shop, you are still greeted by name by the barista. If you’re consistent, they’ll start creating your usual with a quick nod. Getting your daily cup of joe is a far more customized, enjoyable experience.

Banking options have gone along the same trajectory. Sure, you can still get your plain Jane personal checking account… but there are far more options to customize your banking experience, too! Banking ‘flavors’ include checking rewards and competitive rates, but at your community bank, you still get that great overall banking experience. Your local teller will greet you by name and give you that nod to acknowledge your ‘usual’ experience.

At Standard Bank, we offer simple checking accounts to more complex relationship checking accounts that have all the bells and whistles. And just like your tastes in how you take your coffee can change over time, we know your banking needs can change, too. The checking account you needed in college probably isn’t the same as the one you need when you are in the midst of a growing family, mortgage, and career. So, we work with you to make sure you’re getting the right balance for your needs over time.

Regardless of your habits or needs, every account still offers the same convenient mobile and online banking experience. Just like grabbing a cup of coffee can be quick and efficient, so too, can be your banking. Part of your experience with Standard Bank is making sure your banking can be integrated into your daily routine so you have more time to do what you enjoy.

Businesses typically require the most robust orders. It’s a given that business accounts will require that full, two-sentence description of exactly what is needed from their banking experiences. Having bank accounts or loans is one thing, managing the flow of money and security is another. So, customizing a banking experience for a business often means establishing treasury management services, which makes sure your business’ cash flow, financial transactions, and online banking are efficient, secure, and automated. But that’s just the start of the options available.

While we may not offer “Pumpkin Spice” accounts specifically (that would be a bit silly), we do offer seasonal and rate-driven specials throughout the year. Based on government rates, modern trends, and customer feedback, we constantly work to innovate our products and services.

We stand ready to tailor our solutions to meet needs that are very specific to each individual – just like that customized cup of joe. So, what’s your banking flavor?  Is it simple or complex? Do you prefer the in-person or mobile experience? Stop by your local Standard Bank office to customize your banking relationship!