New and Improved Navigator Checking



You’ve come to expect a certain level of personalized service from your community bank. At Standard Bank, we’ve recently leveled up one of our staple checking accounts: Navigator Checking. We think you’ll love the new enhancements. In fact, many were your ideas! Before we made our changes, we listened to your needs and feedback. Let’s take a look:


Less Requirements

Navigator Checking now requires only five banking transactions to remain service charge free. Those transactions can be one of 70(ish) service functions including: deposits, withdrawals, purchases, transfers, written checks, bill pays, people pays, and so many more! Each of those transactions counts toward your five required.


In addition, your loan AND deposit balances now BOTH count towards your entire relationship package level.  We appreciate all of the business you bring to Standard Bank!


New Rewards Program

Can you imagine earning up to $31.20 per month just by using your debit card? Well, at Standard Bank, you can every month! All package levels in Navigator Checking earn customers $5.00 cash back for every 25 purchases (up to $30.00 total) each month1. Don’t use your debit card that much? No worries, you still earn $0.05 cash back on every signature-based debit card transaction up to 24 purchases. With both rewards, you can earn up to $31.20 EVERY MONTH just for using your debit card. That adds up quickly, offering you the opportunity to earn nearly $375 a year!

Imagine all the things you can do with this “found” money:

  • Pay for subscription service (or two!)
  • Stop for a few free coffees each week
  • Move rewards to your link Navigator Savings account and watch them add up
  • Save rewards to help with holiday spending
  • Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t otherwise purchase that month


New Rewards = New Account Relationship Levels

Standard Bank created benefit packages that self-adjust to align with your banking needs and goals. All of the packages require no minimum balance and there are no fees for changing benefit packages2. We change relationship levels as your financial situation changes – to benefit you and your changing needs.


Flexible Package

You still can expect free online banking, mobile app usage3 and bill pay from an interest-earning account. Plus, you can enjoy unlimited surcharge-free transactions at all Standard Bank and PNC Bank ATMs4.


Rewarding Package

With a $5,000 relationship balance, you receive all the benefits of the flexible program PLUS the Navigator Savings bonus rate and free identity fraud insurance.


Lifelong Package

With a $20,000 relationship balance, you receive all the benefits of the Rewarding Package PLUS surcharge-free foreign ATM transactions5, free overdraft protection with your linked savings account, a 0.25 percent rate discount on a home equity loan6, and no annual fee for home equity line of credit.


The benefits of the program is there is no need to switch accounts or worry about excessive fees when life throws you a curve ball. Or maybe you pay off a loan that shrinks your relationship balance. In either case, your checking account won’t accrue a monthly fee, it will simply move you to the appropriate package level. So no matter what twists and turns life brings your way, remember that Navigator Checking was designed to navigate life with you (see what we did there?).


Interested in learning more about how Navigator Checking can work for you? Visit our information page online or call our Customer Care Center at 1-866-856-BANK (2265).




1 Debit card cash rewards, which are based on the card being used for VISA credit transactions (signature-based), include both (1) $0.05 per transaction up to 24 transactions AND (2) $5.00 for every 25 transactions that post and settle on the customer’s monthly statement. Rewards will be credited to the account at the end of the statement cycle in which they were earned. Maximum monthly reward is $31.20.

2 When five bank transactions are not met a $7.00 charge will apply. Bank transactions include purchases, bill pays, deposits, withdrawals, etc.

3 Third-party carrier message and data rates may apply for app and text banking. Please consult your data carrier or data plan for associated fees.

4 PNC Bank is a registered trademark of The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. PNC Bank, National Association. Member FDIC.

5 Other bank’s fees may still apply. Standard Bank will reimburse Standard Bank fees only.

6 0.25% home equity loan rate discount requires autopay from a Standard Bank checking account.