Mitigating Fraud

Payment Authorizations

Be proactive. Protect your account against fraud or unauthorized activity.

Check Positive Pay
Standard Bank offers Check Positive Pay to reduce the risk of fraudulent account activity by identifying unauthorized transactions before they occur. Business customers send batch files to Standard Bank, which include checks issued. We will confirm that all checks presented match those issued before they are paid. When an item does not match, the exception is communicated to our customers for their review.

ACH Positive Pay
Standard Bank offers ACH Positive Pay to prevent funds debited by unauthorized companies. Business customers provide a list of entities that are authorized to debit their account(s) via ACH transactions. When an ACH debit is received from a company who is not authorized, Standard Bank follows a predetermined protocol to protect our customers. Business customers also can elect to block all ACH transactions from accounts where no ACH debits are authorized.

Post No Checks Block
Elect to block all checks from posting to accounts from which checks are not issued.


Dual Control & Security Authentication Devices

Protect your business from internal fraud.

No business owner wants to think their own employee(s) would commit a fraudulent act against their company; but the fact remains, employee theft exists. Standard Bank offers dual control services and security authorization devices to reduce internal fraud risk.

Dual Control
Standard Bank highly recommends our customers institute dual control within their businesses and within our online banking product. As such, you should consider assigning separate employees to originate and approve wires and ACH files.

Security Authentication Devices
Add an extra layer of control during the online banking login process. The file originator must input a number generated by a security authentication device, provided by the bank, to send a file to the bank. A criminal cannot send a file without it. Even though there are costs associated with tokens, it assures only legitimate individuals can process a transaction.

Third-party carrier message and data rates may apply. Products and services within the app may be subject to payments and fees including, but not limited to, Positive Pay and Wires. View all terms and conditions of business mobile banking here.




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