Standard Bank and AVB Merger of Equals




Welcome Letter
Conversion Weekend Booklet
Schedule for Conversion Weekend (Aug. 11-14)
Online Banking and Mobile App Instructions
Account and Fee Updates (very few)
Quicken™  Connection Instructions


Welcome Allegheny Valley Bank customers!
First and foremost, thank you for your business.

Our customers are the reason community banking is continuing to thrive in the Pittsburgh area. With the merger of Allegheny Valley Bank and Standard Bank, we are coming together to find new ways to further expand our products and services as well as our dedication to outstanding customer service and community development. Throughout this process, know that you are at the heart of this mission.

While there are a lot of exciting upgrades and plans on the way, we must first move your account to Standard Bank’s processing system. This transition will take place the weekend of August 11-14, 2017. Everyone is working hard to make this an easy and smooth transition for you. There will be some brief modifications in operating schedules as well as a few changes to select accounts (see reverse). However, most of the changes coming your way are very positive, including the following upgrades:

Again, we are committed to making this a smooth transition for you. Should you have any questions, please call your local office or our local Customer Care Center at 1-866-856-BANK (2265).


Tim Zimmerman
Chief Executive Officer

Andy Hasley

Conversion Weekend Schedule
























Logging in to Online Banking and Standard Bank’s Mobile App

How do I sign in to online banking? Please read through very carefully as directions are very specific. 
Changing to Standard Bank’s online banking will be easy for you. Both Standard Bank and AVB offered the same online banking product, so all of your accounts, billpays, etc. will be transferred for you (excluding e-statements and account history). To begin, you need to verify your username and change your password following the directions below:

  1. Enter your AVB online banking user ID in all lowercase letters into the online banking login box on Standard Bank’s homepage at or at the online banking login screen.
  2. Enter your temporary password (the last six (6) digits of your social security number).
  3. Answer the security questions so we know it’s you (Note: If you do not recognize security question answers, you may have entered the wrong User ID. Start over and try again.)
  4. Update your account with a new password (and use this password going forward).

Which mobile app do I need to download?
Both banks offered the same mobile app* in the past, however, now we can provide you with the upgraded version (coming very soon!). When the new app launches, you will notice a new visual layout, but the same online banking options, mobile deposit, and the newly added “People Pay.”

  1. First, make sure you already logged into your Standard Bank online banking account following the directions above (if you do not do this first, you will be locked out of the app for 24 hours).
  2. Search for “Standard Bank PaSB” on your app store. Identify our new logo/app and download it (the app may show with Standard’s old logo until the app is downloaded).
  3. Open the app and login with your online banking user ID and newly changed password.
  4. Answer the security questions so we know it’s you.


Account Updates & Changes (effective August 14, 2017)

Some changes will be made to select accounts and services, please see below if any apply to you.

  • Certificate Customers Certificates will renew with the same term at the current posted rate. Interest will be credited monthly. Upon maturity, new early withdrawal penalties are as follows:
    • Terms 3 to 11 Months: 3-Month Interest Penalty
    • Terms 12 to 35 Months: 6-Month Interest Penalty
    • Terms 36 Months or Longer: 12-Month Interest Penalty
  • Non-Profit Checking Customers If more than 20 checks are posted per statement cycle, there will be a $0.30 per check fee.
  • Safe Deposit Box Customers Rental fees will be due on January 19 each year beginning in 2019. All rental fees until then will be waived.
  • Savings Customers (Excludes KASASA, Holiday, and Vacation Clubs)
    • A $2.00 minimum balance fee will apply if account balance falls below $100 anytime during the statement cycle. Excludes customers under the age of 21. This fee will be waived in August 2017.
    • You will receive quarterly statements (versus monthly statements) unless you have signed up for combined statements or if there is automatic (ACH) deposit or withdrawal activity on your account.
    • For those who have Passbook Savings accounts, you will be happy to know we will be upgrading you to a Statement Savings account. With this new account, you will have access to online banking while still earning interest. More information will be mailed to you soon.
  • Fee Changes
    • $20.00 – Canadian Check Processing Fee
    • $2.50 – Foreign ATM Fee
    • $25.00 – Close Out Fee (within six months of opening date on non-certificate deposit accounts)
    • $1.00 – ATM Mini Statement Fee

Quicken™ Connection Instructions

Quicken will no longer be available through AVB’s online banking after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, August 11.  Please make sure to download your transactions prior to this cut-off. You may RECONNECT with Standard Bank’s online banking after 12:00 p.m. on Monday, August 14. For further assistance, please contact Matt at (412) 632-1338.

Quicken offers two types of connections for you to choose from (Direct Connect will no longer be offered):

  • Web Connect: Simply put, web connect is a way you can download your transactions directly from your bank’s website and import them into Quicken. Read more
  • Express Web Connect: Quicken communicates directly with Standard Bank on your behalf.  You don’t have to sign in to our website and manually download transactions – Quicken does this for you. Read more


Windows Instructions

Consumer_Quicken_Win_Direct Connect to Express Web Connect

Consumer_Quicken_Win_Direct Connect to Web Connect

Consumer_Quicken_Win_Web Connect to Web Connect


Mac Instructions

Consumer_Quicken_Mac_Direct Connect to Express Web Connect

Consumer_Quicken_Mac_Direct Connect to Web Connect

Consumer_Quicken_Mac_Web Connect to Web Connect