Managing Receivables

Deposit Xpress

Looking to save both time and money?

With Standard Bank’s Deposit Xpress, you can remotely deposit checks 24/7 into your bank account from your office and minimize trips to the bank. Simply scan your checks and transmit the check images to Standard Bank through a secure internet connection. Our web-based software is easy to use and is password-protected for security.

  • Gain access to your money sooner by depositing checks the same business day they are received
  • Detailed reports, audit logs, and images of deposited items are also available
  • Standard Bank provides personalized support, software, and scanners based on qualifying average collected balances*

* Deposit Xpress service is offered to companies who qualify; it includes a discretionary daily deposit limit. Funds availability is not guaranteed in all circumstances; the bank reserves the right to restrict funds availability in accordance with Federal Regulations.



ACH Origination

Collect receivables faster and improve cash flow.

Initiating funds transfers online to transmit electronically in the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system has many advantages over paper checks*:

  • Collect receivables faster and improve cash flow
  • Securely send your information via Standard Bank’s software templates, provide your own files or use a third-party vendor
  • Your instructions will be carried out via the ACH system and the appropriate accounts will be debited
  • Your information is secure and dual control is highly recommended as an additional internal control

*Limits and fees outlined in ACH Origination Agreement.



Cash Courier

Keep your employees safe and save time with Standard Bank’s Cash Courier service.

Standard Bank’s Cash Courier service will pick up your deposits on the scheduled days of your choice and transport them via armored vehicles. Deposits are posted to your account the next business day after pick up. You can also order currency and coin by 10:00 a.m. and receive it during the next scheduled courier stop. Additional emergency pick ups and deliveries may also be scheduled on an as-needed basis.



If you feel Treasury Management would help improve your efficiency, we invite you to call our Treasury Management team at (412) 632-1347.  We would be happy to talk one-on-one with you about what products and services may best fit your business.

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