Making the Most of Your Digital Banking Experience

Do you remember the days of waiting at the bank to cash your paycheck? Make a loan payment? Paying your bills with checks and sending them off in the mail?

We do, and it was a lot of time, effort, and paper for everyone. Thanks to advances in technology and security, customers are now able to integrate their banking with their everyday life. Morning or night, at home or in-store, you take your bank with you. However, as with all technology, it is what you make of it.


The Instant Banking Experience

Pew Research Center claims that as of 2018, 77 percent of all U.S. adults own a smartphone (and no, it’s not just the millennials). In addition, one-in-five of us are “smartphone-only” internet users, meaning our phone is our only internet source. A dependency that is growing every year in all generations. Why? Because of the amount of apps that are available for smartphones. Apps take the internet browsing experience and make it easier. Quicker. Instant.

Banking apps are no exception. Most banks provide one or more apps to make your life easier and mesh into your on-the-go “app living” lifestyle. It makes banking a more instant or collaborative experience that moves as you move. Here are some more examples of ways you can optimize your mobile app experience with Standard Bank:

  • Turn your debit card off and customize other options with Card Controls
  • Instantly move money between accounts
  • Pay your bills from anywhere at any time
  • Deposit checks with two photos and a few taps
  • Use People Pay to send money to friends’ PayPal or bank accounts instantly
  • Review activity, bills, and checks

No one wants to add another errand to their already busy day, so taking your bank with you frees up more time to live your life uninterrupted.

Example: Mobile Card Controls

When you enroll in Card Controls, not only can you fully customize your debit card preferences to mitigate fraud before it happens, you also can get instant alerts when your debit card has been used. A push notification to your smartphone tells you where and how much you spent on your last transaction. These notifications are great security measures, but customers also use them to update their checking registers, budget spreadsheets, or accounting programs. Each transaction has its own notification and remains visible until you dismiss it. It’s easier than collecting receipts.


The Detailed, Customized Banking Experience

Even if you don’t own a smartphone, odds are, you use the Internet. The Internet was the first step to making banking more accessible with online banking. Although it’s been around longer than mobile banking, that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. In fact, Standard Bank is constantly updating our online platforms! Online banking serves as the hub of your digital banking experience and provides you with enhanced information, capabilities, and resources. The online banking experience offers several features not found on mobile apps because financial institutions keep your detailed, sensitive information strictly on the online banking platform. That way, if you lose your phone or tablet, criminals can’t easily manipulate your mobile account (i.e. set up an external transfer to an illegal account, view account numbers, etc.). Below are a few examples of how you can optimize your digital banking experience exclusively through online banking at Standard Bank:

  • Set up custom e-mail alerts
  • Message Customer Care Center with questions
  • Change account description names
  • Organize spending categories
  • Generate customized reports

So while the mobile app gives you an instant banking experience, online banking gives you a more detailed and customizable digital banking experience. Maximizing any digital banking experience begins with learning your bank’s online banking platform, and there is probably a lot to learn. You’ll be shocked at all the features and functions available at your fingertips.


The Educated Banking Experience

Banking is constantly evolving. From technology, to products and services, to regulations and rates…we evolve daily. The best place we, and other businesses, can share the latest information is on our website. Updated daily, we list rates, product details, informational blogs, career opportunities and online loan applications—we put it all out there for consumers. We try to be as readily available on a Google search as we are when you call a physical office.

Other platforms we use to share information includes Facebook and LinkedIn. Community and customer relationships are (obviously) really big deals to us and social media is another way we can extend relationships. As a customer of Standard Bank, we want you to be informed, educated, and engaged.


The Future Experience

The future of digital banking has just begun. We’re studying new ways to augment your banking experience (without compromising security) and have several projects in the works! Currently, tech companies are developing ways that artificial intelligence can streamline your banking experience to make it more convenient and accessible. For example, would using voice commands give you a better banking experience? Regardless of what technology develops in the future, Standard Bank’s digital banking platforms will still focus on our customers’ overall experience. After all, that’s what should matter most.


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