Don’t Choose a Bank, Choose a Mission

Perhaps equally as important as how a bank makes your money work for you is how their mission and their own investing makes your world, your community a better place. If nearly every bank offers similar products and services, how can you tell if your bank’s practices align with your values? Do you share the same mission? Believe it or not, your answers to these questions matter a lot.

Community banks, like Standard Bank, fill needs that megabanks simply cannot address locally. Community banks derive funds and lend in the communities in which they operate. That means when you deposit money at a community bank, they in turn can use that money to make loans to your neighbors and local businesses. Your money stays close to home, rather than with a controversial investment around the globe.

In addition to your money staying local, you can expect more one-on-one customer service at community banks. Relationships come before transactions, so an associate at a community bank will focus on services that will benefit you as the customer over the bank’s bottom line. Standard Bank employs professionals who go above and beyond the call of duty to look out for their customers’ best interests—they advise—they don’t push the “product of the month” on you every time you walk in the door.

Even beyond their care and concern for the bank customer, Standard Bank donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to local non-profit initiatives. Through the Standard Charitable Foundation, smaller non-profits that normally wouldn’t be a blip on the screen of a large corporation or have the resources to tap into larger grant networks, can receive funding to carry out the activities that impact the lives of the very same neighbors each Standard Bank office serves.

One organization that has a special place of importance in Standard Bank’s mission is the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Make-A-Wish Foundation fulfills wishes for children between 2 and 18- years-old struggling with life-threatening illness. Wishes have included trips, meeting celebrities, shopping sprees, entertainment devices and even swimming pools. Since 1994, Standard Bank has funded more than 150 wishes for local children! Each office constantly finds additional ways to support Make-A-Wish so stop by a local branch to learn more about your Standard Bank’s efforts or visit

Beside charitable contributions, Standard Bank advertises with local media and uses local vendors in our communities. This includes advertising/sponsoring many non-profit fundraising efforts. Maybe you’ve already seen our banners hanging on the fences at the local little league field or our ad in a program for the local high school’s musical production—all of which support our youth and their development.

But Standard Bank also makes giving back personal by granting each associate a paid day to volunteer, fostering their passions for serving the communities where they live and work. In fact, our associates sit on more than 20 local community boards. Chances are, you’ve seen them at events for your favorite local organizations!

And perhaps one of the most important distinctions in business operations between Standard Bank and other Big Banks are in the home and business loan options offered. Some larger banks have rigid requirements. You either fit their standards or you don’t get a loan. Standard Bank offers a lot of loan options including some more flexible programs that may accommodate local families and business who don’t fit the mold… and this can make a world of difference to communities as a whole. After all, when the residents and businesses in our communities thrive, our local economy thrives.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. Your money can do good, even in the bank. The question is, is your bank doing their part to support you, your neighbors, and your community?