Customer Appreciation Days: A Standard Bank Tradition

As sure as blooming daffodils and chirping robins are signs of spring, at Standard Bank, we look forward to the annual tradition of thanking our customers. Now in our 17th year, Standard Bank’s Customer Appreciation Days are April 8-19. Mark your calendars!

While specials, giveaways, and trends may change, each year we innovate ways for customers to enjoy the event. We want to impress you with new and fun ways of saying “thank you.”  

At each community banking office, you will find giveaways, drawings for cool prizes, and product specials. For example, this year we have a checking account special that doubles the cash rewards, a home equity loan special, chances to win a robot vacuum at every office, and an overall grand prize drawing.

Just like each neighborhood is different, each Standard Bank office celebrates in their own unique way. From hot food Fridays, to pop-up contests, to grab-and-go treat bags, you’ll find a special twist at each office that reflects their personality. In fact, I think our associates may even get more excited than you do as they plan unique “party” ideas for our customers!

Some of you may recall that many other banks used to offer similar events to recognize the importance of relationships with customers. Unfortunately, many have gotten away from thanking their customers and tend to take them for granted. This is not the case at Standard Bank! In this day and age, celebrating our customers and neighbors has never been more important! After all, our customers are the reason we exist, and why we are able to provide the resources we do to our communities.

We take our mission seriously: to establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers, businesses, professionals, and the communities we serve. How? By providing financial products and services that our customers value, while also making contributions to the social and economic well-being in the neighborhoods we serve. This is relationship banking at its best! Our Customer Appreciation Days are just one manifestation of the shared values we have with our customers and communities.

But, you don’t even have to be a current customer to stop by a local community banking office and enjoy the festivities. Drop in to say hello and let us thank you for being a part of our community—we’re always happy to grow the Standard Bank family!

Standard Bank CEO