04/09/2019: Customer Appreciation Days: A Standard Bank Tradition

As sure as blooming daffodils and chirping robins are signs of spring, at Standard Bank, we look forward to the annual tradition of thanking our customers. Now in our 17th year, Standard Bank’s Customer Appreciation Days are April 8-19. Mark your calendars! While specials, giveaways, and trends may change, each year we innovate ways for […]

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04/04/2019: Standard Bank Named “Hometown Champions” by PACB

Standard Bank was honored during the PACB Region I Meeting on March 26, 2019 for its invaluable connection and service to non-profits in the communities they serve, through contributions from the Standard Charitable Foundation.

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03/25/2019: At Standard Bank, a Promise is a Promise

When selecting a bank for your mortgage, home equity, or home equity line of credit needs, you might not be thinking about promises your bank or lending company should keep. But you should…a mortgage is a long-term commitment! Have you ever done business with a bank that just gives attention to just the “big” customers? It happens, and often leaves customers feeling rushed and confused. That’s because not every lending institution makes guarantees about the quality of service all of their customers can expect—but Standard Bank does.

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