Always looking out for you…

During this bustling time of year around the holidays, you’re top priority is usually not opening a new checking account or applying for a mortgage loan. If you are, of course, we are here to help you select the best options to meet your needs, just like every other day of the year.


But even if you’re not looking to switch up anything right now, our team is still hard at work behind the scenes. We don’t take a break during the holidays—in fact—we rev up our watch. On the back end, our operations and compliance departments operate in lockstep with our technology experts to help ensure your accounts are monitored.


As a community bank, our departments work very closely to ensure your security both in December as well as throughout the year. During the month of December, your spending habits are likely to be higher and your attention span lower, creating the opportunity for thieves to attempt to breech your account. Thieves prey on everything from your goodwill to your distractions during the holidays—and we know it.


When you make deposits or complete transactions, we are constantly watching out for the security of your assets with us: Whether it’s an unusually large purchase, a debit from a strange location or vendor, or other telltale signs of potential fraud, our team is especially vigilant during the holiday season.


So, as you sit down to enjoy a meal with your family, or toast to good fortunes as you ring in the new year, know that we are always on always looking out for you. Because sometimes the best gifts you can receive are the ones you don’t see.


From all of us at Standard Bank: Happy Holidays and best wishes for bright new year!