$5,000 Grant Awarded to Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG)

Pittsburgh, Pa. — The Standard Charitable Foundation, with support from Standard Bank, has awarded a $5,000 grant to Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG), a Pittsburgh non-profit that specializes in the mentorship of young women. The grant will be used to empower girls to imagine a broader future through a curriculum grounded on female role models. The curriculum is delivered by college women mentors, who are themselves mentored by professional women.

About Strong Women, Strong Girls

Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) is a nonprofit organization that specializes in the mentorship of young women. They champion the aspirations and potential of girls from under-resourced communities by providing girls in grades 3-5 with mentorship from college women, who in turn, receive mentorship from professional women. Their innovative programs combine the power of mentoring relationships with research and evidence-based curriculum built around strong female role models in order to bolster the confidence and skills of girls and young women. SWSG’s believe that inside every girl is strength, creativity, inquisitiveness, and a powerful voice. However, girls and young women are up against social obstacles that can limit their development and prevent them from reaching their full potential. SWSG works to push girls and women to reach their full potential and believe in themselves. 

Quick Facts About SWSG

  • SWSG has reached over 700 girls and 300 college women in the Pittsburgh area so far in 2019.
  • SWSG activates three generations of women and girls to bring mentorship to more communities (professional women, college women, and elementary-school girls). 
  • Their programs are built around the “6 C’s of Positive Youth Development” (Confidence, Competence, Character, Contribution, Caring, and Connection), a nationally recognized framework for fostering healthy outcomes in young people.

Join in their Mission

SWSG accepts support in all forms, including: time, talent, treasure, and awareness. Monetary donations are used to fund the program and purchase things like learning supplies, training opportunities, transportation, and upkeep of program sites. Volunteers help programming by providing support to our women and girls, either by mentoring them or helping at an event like the Strong Awards. Spreading awareness sheds more light on SWSG and helps make the program more accessible to girls and women in the Pittsburgh area.  Visit SWSG’s website for details.

About the Standard Charitable Foundation

As a community bank that believes in making a difference, Standard Bank keeps money local by deriving its funds and lending to the communities in which it operates–ultimately helping to grow the local economy. To further support their dedication to community growth, the bank helps provide financial assistance to local non-profits via the Standard Charitable Foundation (established in 2011). The Foundation typically awards grants twice a year to deserving and qualifying organizations in the communities in which Standard Bank serves. For grant qualifications and applications, visit a local Standard Bank office or speak with an associate of the bank today!