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Message from the President – Spring 2022

Globally and locally, change is all around us. As I sit down to write this message to you, I am mindful of all of the change happening throughout the world. First, we are witnessing a senseless war occurring in Eastern Europe, which most of the free world views as purely barbaric. Families broken and lives shifted forever. Towns leveled. Residences […]

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Remote Workforce & Banking

Ways to increase financial security and banking efficiency in a remote work environment.   It’s no secret that remote work is here to stay. Even prior to the pandemic, many jobs and business models were going virtual. However, the COVID-19 pandemic gave the rest of us an emergency trial run for virtual business — which led to some surprising results […]

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Flexible Loan Options in 2022

Homeowners are using elevated equity in a high-priced real estate market to finance dreams, needs, and projects. Spring is here! The change in season brings new additions to everyone’s “to do” list. Whether it’s hiring a contractor for updates to your home, planning for the family vacation, or preparing for your child’s college experience or wedding —there’s usually a cost […]

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Is Your Business on the Digital Shelf?

Ways to get your business on the digital shelf and in front of post-pandemic consumers.   Think back to 2019…do you remember how you shopped? Groceries. Services. Entertainment. Gifts. Cars. Homes. In 2020, what services and purchases weren’t affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Your shopping habits changed because businesses changed. Businesses were forced to find new solutions to keep their […]

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President’s Update: Fall/Winter 2021

Through the years, I have always enjoyed reading the writings of the world’s greatest business, political, and religious leaders and philosophers. And the one thing that I’ve learned and witnessed firsthand is that organizations that stay stagnant and don’t respond to new and changing demands and trends ultimately lose their importance to their constituents. Remaining flexible and adapting to evolutionary […]

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Five Ways Our Customer Service Adapted to Serve You Better

If you’ve ever spoken with Standard Bank’s Customer Care Center team, you know we have local, long-term bank employees. We take pride in our low wait times and thorough customer service from our experienced, knowledgeable, and fully dedicated team. Through the years, we’ve adapted to new products, services, and technological advancements. However, COVID-19 brought the most extensive and positive adaptions […]

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What is a "community bank?"

A community bank is a bank that derives funds and lends to the communities in which it operates–ultimately helping to grow the local economy.

Community banking takes the customer experience to another level with added benefits like one-on-one customer service, products that focus on the customer, and active initiatives to promote community growth. We’re about more than numbers, we’re about relationships with our customers and being a resource in our hometowns. With Standard Bank, you’ll find our associates are long-term professionals who really look out for you and go above and beyond their call of duty. We take great pride in serving you.