Carolyn and Travis take a minute to describe why the mortgage loan experience they provide makes all the difference to their customers.

How is community banking different? In this short video, our CEO, Tim Zimmerman, takes a minute (literally) to explain. We invite you to see for yourself!

President, Andy Hasley, explains Standard Bank’s business banking philosophy and why it benefits local businesses.

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President’s Update: Adaptions to Accomplishments

  2020 will be a year to remember, for sure. We all entered 2020 strong: unemployment was at the lowest level in years; businesses were growing, thriving and profitable; and the stock market was at an all-time high. Your business probably had concrete plans and budgets developed, staff members were ready and eager to serve customers, and you were looking […]

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Home Equity: How can it help you this Spring?

  Admittedly, the Spring of 2020 is a bit different than other springs. But some things remain the same. Every year, as we shake off our winter hibernation (or stay-at-home orders), we take a walk around the yard to survey the work ahead. Spring is a common time to take stock of the current state of affairs of your home […]

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SEO for the CEO

We “Google” everything these days. We Google where to eat, what to buy, who to do business with, or the latest COVID-19 statistics and regulations. From the little questions to the big ones, Google finds us our answers—3.5 BILLION times a day. In 2019 alone, Google fielded 1.2 TRILLION searches.* Were any of those queries from your future customers? You […]

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Is Your Business Ready for a Remote Workforce?

Now, with uncertain times and non-essential closures and restrictions due to COVID-19, you may look at the remote worker as the critical asset to your company and a way to serve and retain your valued customers.

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Loan Relief Programs and Resources

At Standard Bank, we’ve weathered numerous financial and economic environments since 1913, and we are committed to making proactive, customer-oriented decisions during this difficult time as well. 

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Limited Office Hours (Updated 4/20/2020)

  4/20/2020 UpdateFace masks in our offices Beginning on 4/20/2020, in accordance with Governor Tom Wolf’s Pennsylvania order, Pennsylvania customers will be required to wear a mask (or similar precautionary item) while they are inside of any of our Community Banking Offices. Our associates will also be required to masks as well. Additionally, ALL customers who have been exposed to […]

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What is a "community bank?"

A community bank is a bank that derives funds and lends to the communities in which it operates–ultimately helping to grow the local economy.

Community banking takes the customer experience to another level with added benefits like one-on-one customer service, products that focus on the customer, and active initiatives to promote community growth. We’re about more than numbers, we’re about relationships with our customers and being a resource in our hometowns. With Standard Bank, you’ll find our associates are long-term professionals who really look out for you and go above and beyond their call of duty. We take great pride in serving you.

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