Customer service, for Standard Bank, has to be an outstanding experience for our customers. Trish and Natalia discuss how customer service affects their customers.

How is community banking different? In this short video, our CEO, Tim Zimmerman, takes a minute (literally) to explain. We invite you to see for yourself!

Carolyn and Travis take a minute to describe why the mortgage loan experience they provide makes all the difference to their customers.

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We Offer Our Associates a lot More than “Bankers’ Hours”

Banks are known for perks such as “bankers’ hours” and holidays—but at Standard Bank, we offer associates so much more. Integrity, Respect, Customer-Oriented, Teamwork, Innovation, and Positivity are the core values carried out by our associates, and we work to support these values within a “Corporate Family” atmosphere that includes a very competitive package of benefits, education and volunteer support, and work/life balance solutions.

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Don’t Choose a Bank, Choose a Mission

Perhaps equally as important as how a bank makes your money work for you is how their mission and their own investing makes your world, your community a better place. If nearly every bank offers similar products and services, how can you tell if your bank’s practices align with your values? Do you share the same mission? Believe it or not, your answers to these questions matter a lot.

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Fraud Protection and Resolution

Being the victim of fraudulent banking activity or a hacked account can feel like the absolute worst if it happens to you. Along with the hassle of disputing charges, there can be fees from debtors for returned or delayed payments in addition to potential overdraft fees. Will your credit be ruined? Will all your money be stolen? Panic sets in. Stop! Take a deep breath.

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What is a "community bank?"

A community bank is a bank that derives funds and lends to the communities in which it operates–ultimately helping to grow the local economy.

Community banking takes the customer experience to another level with added benefits like one-on-one customer service, products that focus on the customer, and active initiatives to promote community growth. We’re about more than numbers, we’re about relationships with our customers and being a resource in our hometowns. With Standard Bank, you’ll find our associates are long-term professionals who really look out for you and go above and beyond their call of duty. We take great pride in serving you.

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