Personal Loans

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We’ve got a lending product that’s right for you.

Tell us what you need–we’ll get you the money. With a Standard Bank loan, we’re with you every step of the way. There are many options available and we can simplify the process. We’ll give you the loan that’s best for you. And just so you know, all loan approvals are a priority here at Standard Bank.

Take our One-Minute Personal Loan Test to see if it’s the right product for you.

Need some extra cash in hand?

If your monthly credit card bills are “nickel and diming” you, if you need a getaway weekend but you don’t have the cash or if you are a little short on those wedding expenses, maybe a Standard Bank Personal Loan is just the solution you are looking for.

Our Personal Loans are offered at rates much lower than major credit cards with terms that can be designed to fit your budget.

Own a home? We will advise you if a home equity loan is best or not. 

Have a savings with us? We can even lend you money using your savings as collateral.

Request more information or  speak to one of our loan specialists for details.